Sunday, 27 January 2013

WSS Paint plan and update.

To help me keep focus on my WSS project I have added a paint plan to the blog. This will allow me to track my progress and keep a little focus. I know I can get prone to distractions as I have a part painted unit for my ACW that keep crying out to be finished.

I have also managed to acquire a small amount of artillery in a swap. This has given me 3 light guns and a howitzer. The howitzer is already painted. I also made a small order to Dixons for enough infantry to make up two more battalions of foot and Sabines Welch fusiliers. I also order a cavalry command as I already have 3 spare unpainted cavalry figures, this will give me enough for 2 squadrons, probably paint them up as Cadogan's.

Painting has also continued at quite a pace. I have 2 more battalions, MacCartneys and Merediths finished apart from their bases. Should get them finished tomorrow and then will post some pictures. I have also started 2 more battalions, Orkneys and the 1st foot Guards from the last of my figures.

On the gaming front, things are a little quite. I have managed to fit in a couple of games of Xwing with my daughter and nephews. Must say the more I play this game the more I like it. I also went out and bought a Revell kit of the Millenium falcon. The plan being to buy a game version and use this one for a basic smuggler. Can see a couple of games developing around blockade running.


Ray Rousell said...

Your going great guns Scotty, 126 15mm foot figures and its only late January. So at that rate by December you should have painted 1500 foot figures. You better get that brush out quick!

scotty said...

That would be quite a challenge. Don't think I'd succeed as I always loose focus

Rodger said...

At least you have a plan. I tend to flit from one thing to next and then back again!