Sunday, 29 July 2012

FPW French Corps

Finally managed to complete the second infantry division that made up part of Decean's III Corps. I've now got to decide whether I expand the collection to take in the 3rd and 4th division or do the 2 divisions of IV Corps for the battle of Borny-Colombey. Tempted by 4th Corps as it gives me 4 pieces of corps artillery and Clerambault's cavalry division is attached to this corps.

First up the 2 units of cavalry finished so far of Clerambault's division. these were attached to IV corps. The figures are from Outpost as usual and painted up well. The Chasseurs are in the newer uniform issued I believe in 1870. I still have a Dragoon regiment of 4 stands to complete which will finish off this division.

French Dragoons
Chasseurs a Cheval
Cavalry Division
Finally the last of the Infantry for Castigny's division, the 69th and 90th infantry regiments.These with the 19th and 41st complete the division.

69th and 90th Infantry regiments
A view from the left of the completed force
A view from the right of the completed force
Not a large force as yet, but more than enough to game with against my Wurtemburgers and Bavarians.


The Angry Lurker said...

Damn nice work again, nice looking units of cavalry Scotty....

scotty said...

Cheers Fran, was pleased to get them finished as Hate painting horses

TamsinP said...

Great looking units Scotty :)

Ray Rousell said...

Great painting Scotty, love the Chasseurs!!

David Cooke said...

Good work Scotty!

peter said...

Great painted and based cavalry and infantry units!