Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Greeks vs Persians

As promised some pictures of Sundays game. This saw myself and Neal commanding the Greeks against the Persians of Mike and Dave. The rules we used were an adaption of DBA to fit hexes and allow greater number of figures to be used. They played ok and we got a historical result.

The game began with the persians advancing across their entire front, with the right wing cavalry trying to get at the exposed flank of the greeks. I countered this with an eschelon formation supported by the small cavalry contingent in support. First blood went to the persians as their left wing cavalry over ran our right wing psilio and auxilia. We weren't to worried as we new the battle would be decided in the centre. So it prooved as our pike and spear smashed a hole in the persian centre and it could have been worse had Darius not proved such a stubborn general.

The game settled down with our heavy infantry slowly wearing down the persians. Disaster the struck both sides, first my general leading his pike phalanx was slain by Darius, the the persian right wing cavalry fled after being engaged in a brutal contest with our hoplites. Eventually Neal secured victory when finally slew Darius to break the persian resistance. All in all a very enjoyable game with great opponents.

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Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Impressive sized game!