Saturday, 14 January 2012

I'm an idiot

After receiving the figures from Outpost I spent the morning preparing the artillery and crew ready for painting. I kept getting a nagging doubt about the artillery crew but chose initially to ignore it. Later in the day that nagging doubt wouldn't go away, I was sure the headgear was wrong. I checked my painting guides, oh oh these guys were not right. I then double checked my order form, yes you guessed it I ordered the wrong bloody crew, they are Bavarian aaaaghhhh! Now that I have since calmed down, I'll just have to put in another order next month to get the correct crew.On a slightly positive note I've decided to now change tack, I was going to order and paint up the Baden division next, guess they will have to be Bavarians now. The Bavarians are at Corps strength with 2 divisions, not sure if I will do both, that will depend upon finances. After explaining this to SWMBO, she simply replied "idiot!"


Edzard said...

A happy accident ;-D

Maybe order more "wrong" stuff by accident?

Vladdd309 said...


Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

These kinda of things happen to"ll forget about it soon enough.

Ray Rousell said...

uh-oh!!!! at least you can still use them....I suppose!! he he!!

peter said...

That's a good trick to get more figures! I'll try this myself the next time!

I don't call this stupid ;-)