Saturday, 3 December 2011

Franco Prussian War

First up some pictures of my first 2 units for this period. Ii am currently painting up the Wurtemburg Division, based on the Fire and Fury adapted ruled. There are 6 regiments to paint each of 6 stands and 4 units of Jaegers, all of 4 stands. The figures are from Outpost Wargames. In the bare metal they didn't look to promising, however they seem to take paint very well, remind me of old glory figures in that respect.

Infantry Regiment #1 and Jaeger Regiment #1

Infantry Regiment #1

Jaeger Regiment #1
I have now got 2 more Jaeger regiments on the painting table started and the 2nd Infantry regiment, prepped and undercoated.


Rodger said...

Nice work Scotty.

Willie Anderson said...

Looking good Scotty!!