Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Dystopian wars FSA fleet

Progress report so far. Most of the fleet is finished, just a handful of Cruisers, frigates and tiny flyers to be added. After that I'm not sure if I will add any more. Also my daughter, she of Wings of War infamy has expressed an interest in collecting some of the Prussian fleet as she likes the models. May get her a starter box and see how she goes, if nothing else I can use them in some of the clubs larger games.

Fleet view

Frigates with Cruisers in the background

Capital ships

Big boys and flyers

Fleet view

Lee scout ships

Lee scout ships

Lee scout ship
This brings the fleet strength currently up to:
1 x dreadnought
2 x battleships
1 x carrier with 6 tiny flyers
3 x cruisers
6 x frigates
3 x destroyers
3 x bombers
2 x Lee scout ships


The Angry Lurker said...

I love these miniatures, great painting of course my friend.

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Scotty, Have a great holiday