Sunday, 9 October 2011


First up a picture of a dwarf pirate I've painted up for my daughter, to be part of her fantasy pirate crew. the figure is an old GW model from the dogs of war regiment Long drong's slayers. I still need to finish off his base when I re stock up on some static grass.

Next up some foundry orcs also to be added to her crew. There is a goblin jester still to be painted as well as an ogre. Makes quite a motley crew. Not the best quality photo what with these overcast days we are having.

To add to her collection of pirates I've made a small purchase from Black Scorpion for a mix of Elves and Skeletons, then she tells me that she wanted the Governors daughter, will have to wait till next month for that one.

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Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Those are some awesome lil fellas!