Friday, 1 July 2011

Victory without quarter

Managed to give these rules another run out at the club last night. Once again it was an enjoyable game even though i was only umpiring. the game was a follow up to last weeks Royalist victory with the Parliamentarians attempting a counter strike. Their plans went awry from the initial set up. With all their infantry on the left flank to advance and occupy some hedges and a large overlooking hill. The centre was held by 3 troops of horse and a small unit of commanded foot. The right flank was also all cavalry with 3 troops.

The Royalist sprung a surprise on their initial deployment. Occupying a small frontage in column they ignored the hedged fields and smashed straight into the Parliamentarian centre. With Langdale's horse holding off the right flank roundheads, Rupert with overwhelming numbers smashed into the centre. The round heads this week did put up a stiffer resistance, but the supporting foot of Percy and Bard finally shattered their lines. The Roundhead infantry spent most of the battle marching to the sound of the guns. By the time the reach the battle, the Royalist centre was unengaged and able to turn and meet the threat. Eventually time ran out and the Roundheads were forced to retreat, much discussion within their ranks on how for 2 battles running their veteran infantry had little impact within the game, and just how could the hold the royalist cavalry, especially the regiments of Lucas and Rupert who did much to unsettle their own horse.

I did manage 1 picture before the camera packed up, showing the start of the Royalist advance. Bayley did get some photos which he has promised top send through and I'll post them when I get a chance.


Rodger said...

Nice report. Good photo too. Will check back for more.

Neil said...
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Neil said...

Perhaps it will be third time lucky for the Roundheads on thinks not somewhat eh!

William Cavendish, Earl of Newcastle
(Newcastle 2 Fairfax 0)

Neil said...

Well passing over the baton of command to young Neil (Scotty) the Royalist forces following up their successes again caught the Parliamantarians with their trousers down and not only spanked them but destroyed them. The Royalist left flank cavalry leaving the field after the right flank cavalry were destroyed (loosing 2 out of 3 troops). The Infantry left to their fate lost 2 regiments of foot before Ogilvy (Wathcing Fairfax ride away in the distance) surrendered.
3 battles, 3 Royalist victories.
4 foot regiments captured.
2 foot regiments destroyed.
2 guns captured.
10 troops of cavalry destroyed.
for the loss of: 5 troops of cavalry!