Monday, 20 September 2010

Thoughts for next year

As the Border Reiver show has past I have been turning my thoughts to what sort of game to put on for next year. I really enjoyed making the terrain boards and want to do something similar. So far I have come up with a number of options

1. Do nothing, I know some of the other club members are planning a WW2 game, but not my cup of tea

2. El Cid using the impetus rules. Just got these rules and want to really try them out this year. As for figures both Jon and myself already have a considerable collection of Christians, Moors and Andalusian, though they will all need re-basing.

3. Greeks. Always wanted to do these. I already have a very small collection that need painting up and this could be the inspiration I need. It is helped by those wonderful people at immortal miniatures bringing out those plastic hoplites.

4. ACW, possibly day2 of Gettysburg, mainly because the units that both me and Jon are collecting for a big game would provide the bulk of the forces needed. You can follow progress on my other blog . The main downside, it is a considerable terrain making task and the table would need to be 14ft x 6ft...eek!

Think I'll need to mull over this for a couple of weeks.

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Jon Whitehouse said...

I fancy an El Cid battle dont think its been done at the Reivers show before.
Plus it gives me something to do re-basing the figs to impetus lol and we could build some deseert style terrian boards