Saturday, 4 September 2010

Border Reiver Show Pictures

Just before my cameras batteries decided to pack up I did manage to get a few pictures of the Viking game we put on at the show. The game was well received by the public and we received a number of nice comments, which is very pleasing and a bit of a reward for all the effort Jon, harry and myself put into the game. The 2 longships and the construction of the terrain boards were common topics of discussion.

Layout of the game

The Saxon Village

Viking raiders launch their attack

Saxons move to block the viking advance

Saxon relief force begins to arrive

Vikings try their hand at shepherding

The vikings making their way towards the riches in the Church.

As for the show itself, it seemed to be well supported by both traders and public. There were a variety of games on show, Project X, 15mm Sci-fi. Medieval, ECW and a Sherlock Holmes game in the sewers of London (very nice terrain).


Dan said...

Very fun looking game! I think your terrain boards and terrain you place on them looks great!
What scale and what rules did you use?

scotty said...

The game was in 25/28mm scale, most of the figures were from Gripping beast. The rules were an adaption of Games Workshops LOTR skirmish rules condensed onto a single refererence sheet. Simple but fun.