Wednesday 20 September 2023

More hedges

 As I alluded to in the last post, I've been working on adding more hedges to my collection. First up is another 4 pieces of what I've earmarked as type 2 hedges, i.e. they are a mix of hedge and fencing. Type 1 being all hedge.

These were made in exactly the same way as the first 2 batches. The second lot of hedges are my type 3. These are made using scouring pads, soaked in pva before being flocked, sealed and painted. So far I've done 7 of these. I see these hedges as more maintained and will ideally be used close to towns and villages.

I also took a couple of photos to show how the Epic scale figures match up against the hedges. Bear in mind I've mounted mine on 3mm MDF.

I think they look a good match up size wise. I do have 4 more pieces in production, these are some old   hedges I made years ago that have been rescued and restored. They'll add a little more variety when finished.