Saturday, 17 September 2016

WSS / GNW Saxons VII

Finally they are done. I've been collecting the Saxons for over 25 years, a labour of love. I only collected them as the club I was with at the time were already collecting the main protagonists of the time. I chose them as they were an unspectacular army and nobody else had them.

So here they are the last regiment of Cuirassiers, Beust or Graf Moritz v. Sachsen as they became in 1714. The regiment saw action at Pultusk, Punitz, Fraustadt and Kalisz. The figures are all Bluemoon and the flag us from Maverick Models.

Beust Cuirassiers 
Beust Cuirassiers 
So now I have enough figures to be able to field the Saxons at Klissow. However my thoughts have also wandered over to re fight in Fraustadt. It began with a conversation with Mick who said I could have some left over Russian figures who fought alongside the Saxons at this battle. The quandary now is I don't have enough Dragoons for the Saxons


Rodger said...

Excellent work Neil. You must have an awesome looking army of Saxon now. Looks like it may never end though!

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Rodger. I need to get the rest of the figures from Micks so I can take some photos of the completed force

Phil said...

Another great addition Neil, they look wonderful!

Neil Scott said...

Thanks Phil

Ray Rousell said...

Top looking troops Neil.

David Cooke said...

Nice looking cavalry!