Sunday, 1 February 2015

Lion Rampant VI

After Thursdays game I decided to get to work and paint up some more figures for my retinues. First up was a unit of Archers for Prince William. These figures are all the old GW Bretonnian archers, sculpted by the Perries I believe. I went for a basic colour scheme of plain red tunics, no fancy quartering and such like. I wanted them to be professional soldiers in the service of their Prince.

I have also completed another 6 archers for Sir Henry's retinue as I will add them to the 6 already completed and field them as an archer unit instead of Bidowers. Once I have finished the bases I will post up some pictures.

Now after our first game the idea came to make some sort of markers to represent units when they become battered. We had used dice but this didn't feel right and often the dice were picked up to roll in following combats. After trawling through the forums I came across this I just had to make my own. I quickly sourced some spare bases and battlefield clutter and set to work.

Basic counters undercoated
A quick paint job later
Basing added
Finished counters
Excluding drying times these took about 10 minutes work each, well worth the effort so I have started on 4 more. I think 10 markers should be enough for most 2 player games.

Today I also had the pleasure top visit York for the Vapnartak show to pick up some more goodies for this project. I bought a box of Teutonic knights and mounted sergeants from the Dave Thomas stand. I also got some unarmoured archers from Curteys that will be useful for my Outlaw faction when I get to it. There were also a couple of pack mules from Irregular which will come in useful for a couple of scenarios I have in mind.

Show loot


Rodger said...

Awesome stuff Scotty! As soon as I get the chance I will make some markers like your ones too!

Phil said...

Markers are awesome...great job!

Paul Scrivens-Smith said...

Good work, I quite like those old Brettonian archers.
I was also at Vapnartak, hope to get a few words up about it later.

Ubique Matt said...

Good looking markers, so much better than using dice on the tabletop. Always nice to know people find this kind of idea useful.

Neil Scott said...

Matt I agree much better than using dice and cheers for the idea