Saturday, 3 January 2015

The last and first

As the title suggest these are the latest figures off the painting table. First up is some Austrian hussars for my Napoleonic collection. These were the last figures I painted in 2014. The regiment is No 10. Baron Joseph Stipsics. The figures and flag are all from Warrior miniatures. These guys are just in time for Thursday nights game.

Baron Joseph Stipsics Hussars
Baron Joseph Stipsics Hussars
Next up is some additional figures I painted up to add to my 3 Brunswick regiments. These figures are by CGM and black is very quick to paint, These were the first figures completed in 2015.

Brunswick infantry
To round off my 3rd Austrian infantry brigade I completed the 41st regiment - Kottulinsky, these guys are only at 24 figures. Again these are from CGM who do produce some very nice figures. The flag is from Warflag.

41st Kottulinsky regiment
41st Kottulinsky regiment
Not bad for a couple of days work. Now I have also made a start putting together my first Lion Rampant force. Got 8 of the fire forge figures built and on the painting table. I have also roped in 6 left over Brettonian archers which will serve as a Bidower unit for now. Should get some pictures of these up in the next couple of days


Michael Mills said...

Lovely brushwork sir!

Neil Scott said...


Rodger said...

Very very nice Scotty! Austrian hussars always look cool!

Phil said...

Nice job, love the Hussars!

Neil Scott said...

Thanks guys

Ray Rousell said...

Love the colours on the Hussars, nice one Neil.