Sunday, 11 January 2015

Lion Rampant (II)

Work has continues on my first retinue for Lion Rampant. I've managed to finish off 2 extra bowmen for my unit of bidowers as well as completing enough sergeants to be able to field a unit and add the remaining 6 to the bidowers and upgrade them to yeoman with mixed weapons. I have also received my order for some Templar knights on foot and have just finished gluing the first unit together. Should be able to get some progress on these next week.

Mix of bowmen
While I was waiting for my order to arrive I've been searching through my lead mountain and have managed to find another 8 foot, a mix of men at arms and sergeants as well as 6 more bowmen. I will be using these guys to form the star of a second retinue. Speaking of this retinue I did paint up the 3 mounted squires that I have as I await their reinforcements from Blacktree.

mounted squires
mounted squires
Well, back top painting, got 4 more crossbows to do to complete the unit as well as 5 foot ment at arms. For the last unit not sure if it will be another foot or perhaps a mounted men at arms.


Phil said...

They look great, nice job..sergeants are my favourites...

peter said...

They all look great Neil! Nice brushwork!


Neil Scott said...

Thanks guys

RMacedo NoVember said...

These are lovely minis! Great artwork!

Ray Rousell said...

Beautiful work Neil!

Rodger said...

Great work there Scotty! Very nice indeed!