Saturday, 20 December 2014

Brozeczinski Grenadiers

These guys are my last unit of Austrian Grenadiers to finish off my brigade. They are the Brozeczinski Grenadiers made up of companies from the 24th, 30th and 41st line regiments. Like the rest of my Grenadier units the figures are all from Warrior miniatures. The flag is from Warflag.

Brozeczinski Grenadiers
Brozeczinski Grenadiers
Brozeczinski Grenadiers
After these guys I have enough figures left for one more line regiment and a couple of units of Hussars to paint. In the New year I will probably add to these some Uhlans and Grenzers  along with a couple of Hungarian line regiments.

On Thursday it was the last night of the year for the club before we reconvene of the 8th January, all we did was set up a large Napoleonic game with Austrians and Prussians defending a ridge against a larger French force.


Phil said...

Very nice!

Dave Huntley (sheepman) said...

How many Austrians have you got Scotty!!!!

Neil Scott said...

Not enough yet Dave

Rodger said...

Great work on the Grenadiers Scotty!

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Rodger

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

A spiffy looking unit Scotty!


Neil Scott said...

Cheers Christopher