Sunday, 25 May 2014

More Napoleonic madness

As the very unimaginative title suggest, I've been working on some more Austrians for my 1809 campaign. Though progress has slowed somewhat, mainly due to being busy with work. The first regiment is the 26th or Hohenlohe-Bartenstein, these were the last batch of my Bluemoon figures.

26th Regiment
26th Regiment
Sorry the pictures are not the best as I took these with my mobile as time was pressing. The flag is from Warflag and the mdf base is from Warbase. The next regiment is the first of my 2 Grenadier battalions. These figures are all from Warrior, highly recommended, ordered on a Saturday, received on the Wednesday and it was over a bank holiday weekend. These guys represent the battalion under Nissel which was made up of the grenadier companies from the 15th, 28th and 57th. I've really enjoyed painting these, very easy to do.

Nissel Grenadiers
Nissel Grenadiers
Nissel Grenadiers
Next to lead my Austrians I have painted up a number of command figures. These are all from Warmodelling apart from the chap on the right who is from Warrior.

Austrian Generals
Now at the club a couple of weeks a go I actually managed to get a game in with my collection using the Black Powder rules. I had originally set it up for the bridges scenario, expecting to be the umpire as usual. However I actually got to play head to head with Tom. Tom took on the Westphalians defending the bridges while I attacked with the Austrians. It was a short and bloody affair with my right hand brigade eventually smashing through the Westphalian position to capture one of the bridges. I did manage a couple of photos of the game and sorry not much of a write up.

Edge of my right flank
Austrians pushing through the centre
Decisive breakthrough
So what next, well I have the second Grenadier battalion already undercoated so hope to get them finished this week. I also picked up a bargain on EBay for some Old Glory figures which will give me 2 more Line Battalions and another Jager regiment. After this I will need to bring the cavalry up to strength with another Dragoon regiment and possibly a couple of light cavalry regiments. After this it will be back to the Westphalians to finish off some cavalry and then possibly a couple of French infantry brigades. This madness will never end.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice looking unit and game! Black Powder I quite enjoy so nice to see you playing it.


Phil said...

Very nice job with the Austrians!

Rodger said...

Great looking Austrians Scotty! The game looks fantastic too!

Dave Huntley (sheepman) said...

Megalomania Scotty.

Neil Scott said...

cheers chaps

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I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award, which is posted here:

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