Tuesday, 6 May 2014

More Austrians

I find myself on a bit of a roll with these. This is the second regiment I have managed to complete over the last few days with a third regiment already undercoated and ready for the paint brush. This regiment is the 37th or Auffenberg's regiment. The figures are all from Bluemoon, very characterful figures that paint up really well. The flag as usual is from the Warflag site.

Auffenberg's regiment
Regiment in line
Once I get the next regiment done I will have enough for a small division of 2 brigades. I already have plans to expand these and have ordered some figures from Warrior Miniatures to make up 2 regiments of Grenadiers to act as a small reserve brigade. After this I will look to add a couple more cavalry regiments, possibly some Uhlans and more dragoons. I will also need to put in an order with Warbases as I have typically run out of the ones I need.


Phil said...

Nice looking regiments, good job!

Ray Rousell said...

Great looking troops!

Neil Scott said...

cheers guys

Rodger said...

Great work Scotty! I have a 15mm Austrian army that needs rebasing, very tempted now!!