Monday, 21 April 2014

New Project

Well it is that time again when I totally go off the rails and start a project that wasn't on the plans. This time I blame Mick, after the battle involving his Ottomans it got me thinking of a more suitable opponent for them as well as adapting the he rules to better reflect the war in Eastern Europe, which has a more fluid style as well as some exotic troop types.

So who are these opponents, well think Vienna, 1683, it's got to be the Poles. Winged Hussars, Cossacks and Pancerni. I can even use some of my Saxon Cuirassiers in buff coats for German mercenaries. Also I have the benefit of already owning some relevant figures. One of the older guys at the club who is poorly gave me a bundle of figures as he knew I was into the Great Northern War and he would never get around to painting. So on searching through the bundle there is a mix of Hussars, Cossacks and a load of infantry. A couple of the figures had already been painted and though not to my taste, I have no intention of re doing  his work.

So here they are the first off the production line. It had to be the Hussars. The first unit includes a couple of Hussars without wings that Dave painted added to the others.

The second unit is the iconic view of the Hussars, with 2 wings. These were a pain to glue together, yet surprisingly easy to paint, not as difficult as I always imagined they would be.

Now for writing rules I would need some opponents, so a dig around in the lead pile unearthed a handful of Ottoman figures, some were already painted and just required basing (need bases from Warbase) other were part painted so I decided to finish them off.

I'm not sure on the make of these figures but think they are from Mini-figs. To bulk these out I have made a small order to Friekorps as they were having a sale for some extra Janissary's and Azabs. If these figures are okay I'll be making future purchases from them.


Phil said...

Great work, hussars are really impressive!

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Phil

Andrew Saunders said...

Nice work Neil always good to get a good start on a new project

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Looks very nice!


Rodger said...

The Hussars look awesome Scotty!

Dave Huntley (sheepman) said...

Another new project, you daft sod. Look good though.

peter said...

Lovely painted minis!