Sunday, 13 October 2013

1809 Somewhere in Germany

On Wednesday night I managed to get over to Dave's who was putting on an 1809 game in has garage. After much deliberation I decided to take the French for a change. The rules we were using were General De Brigade, a very good set but I'm still trying to get used to the different nuances in the rules.

The game revolved around the French (me) holding the road junction against an Austrian attack (Neal). I decided to deploy the Hessians into the wood on my right and my main infantry brigade would advance onto the junction. A smaller brigade including the grenadiers were held back to attack as a reserve. My cavalry were out on the open flank to my left facing off against an Austrian cavalry brigade.

Initial deployment with Austrians threatening the flank
French cavalry deployment
Hessians occupy the wood
SO far the initial moves have seen the Austrians begin to exert some pressure on the Hessians. The French reserves have finally arrived to occupy the grounds of the church. Another 2 Austrian brigades of infantry have finally deployed on the table and began their advance towards the junction. The cavalry brigades on both sides are facing off, just waiting to see who commits to the charge first.

Cavalry face off
French infantry in position
Austrian reinforcements
Looking forward to next week for the follow up moves. Think we will start to get stuck into each other. There s also the prospect of additional reserves for both sides. Better get those Westphalians finished on time.


Phil said...

Very nice so far Scotty, a great looking terrain and some beautiful troops...

scotty said...

Cheers Phil, the troops and terrain are all Dave's

Neal Croudace said...

"Some pressure" - face it dude, you're screwed :)

Ian said...

Looks a great game and as has been said really nice looking figures


Rodger said...

Agree with the others! Great looking game Scotty!!