Sunday, 4 August 2013

Penninsular War

This week I was lucky enough to take part in the Ventosa scenario as part of Neal's Peninsular campaign. I was given control of the British against Dave and the French. Things were going quite well early on as I managed to break the French Brigade attacking to my front, however the arrival of Fresh French troops including cavalry behind my left flank was a bit of a shock and put the game back in the balance. We should get the game finished next week and I'm looking forward to it, even though Napoleonics have never been my thing. It has got me thinking about doing some Austrians in 15mm. Well on with some pictures to whet your appetite.

British await the French assault
French advance
Give them fire!
French line destroyed
French assault against the left of the line
French reinforcements arrive
The British about face to meet the new threat
French assault goes in.
The arrival of the French cavalry is proving a thorn in my side as I have no cavalry of my own with which to counter them. I'll need to neutralise them before too long as they are forcing my lines into squares making them vulnerable to French musketry.

On the painting front I've done some more for the Crimean, another infantry battalion, riflemen and some artillery of which I'll post pictures of shortly.


Rodger said...

This could get nasty!! Looking forward to the Crimean stuff!

Francis Lee said...

My appetite has been satisfied Scotty, lovely stuff.

peter said...

Great pictures and battle report! Thanks for sharing!