Saturday, 6 July 2013

Crimean War project part 2

I have manged to get a second infantry regiment done. This time the 9 stands of the Minsk regiment. As usual the figures are all by Pendraken and the bases from Warbase. Sorry the pictures are not the best as I need new batteries for the camera and just used my mobile.

Minsk regiment
Minsk regiment
I've now got the next 2 regiments prepared ans ready for undercoating. These 2 are only 6 stands each so I may paint them simultaneously. As Pendraken do not produce any Generals in their range I have picked up some 10mm Russian Napoleonic generals from Old Glory. These are very nice figures and are compatible with the Pendraken range.

On a gaming front I managed to get in a game of Bloodbowl on Thursday night against my nephew. Now I haven't played these in years but we had fun. To keep things simple we both used the basic human teams, with my Norse used as a proxy. I eventually ran out the winner 2-1, but we both put it down to a training game.

Brionne Cavaliers try to protect the ball carrier
Odins Fury smash their way through
Thrower lines up a pass to the first score
Carnage on the sidelines
Both sides struggled in the first hals to inflict any casualties. That changed in the second half when I managed to remove 4 of the Brionne Cavaliers players from the game.


Neal Croudace said...

Hell will freeze over before I take on a Russian army with 100mm generals!

scotty said...

Ha ha better correct that

Francis Lee said...

As far as I could tell damn nice work Scotty and a game win, I know you said a training game win but that was just to make your nephew feel better!

peter said...

Looks good Scotty! Training game or not, you won!