Monday, 1 July 2013

10mm Crimean War Project

In conjunction with Neal I have decided to take part in putting together some 10mm forces for the Crimean War. Neal is going to concentrate on the British while I have agreed to do the Russians. Hopefully we can keep working on Dave who could then do the French. Why 10mm? mainly to keep the costs down, also I do kind of like the little chaps and they look good massed together, especially considering a lot of the Russian units work out at 12 stands, that's 36 figures.

We are using the order of Battle for the Battle of Alma, this gives me 3 infantry divisions and half a cavalry division to complete. SO on to the first unit (the testers). These are the Volhynia regiment that were part of the 14th division. All the figures are from the Pendraken range. I chose the figures in Great coats as I reckon that I will be able to paint these up rather quickly.

Volhynia regiment
Volhynia regiment
Volhynia regiment
Volhynia regiment
I've now got the 9 stands for the Minsk regiment prepped and ready for painting. I've also been looking into the cavalry. Pendraken only produce Dragoons and Cossacks, not the Hussars which were present at the Alma. This means I will have to use Magister Militum which produce the full range of cavalry, then I get into issues of compatibility. Also MM figures are more expensive than Pendraken....mmm decisions decisions.


Phil said...

Very nice!

Francis Lee said...

You're right they look really well massed together, damn nice work Scotty!

Rodger said...

Very nice work Scotty. They will look impressive on the table!

Dave Huntley (sheepman) said...

persuade me to do the French ..... Good luck with that one mate! Loads of my own stuff to do.

Neal Croudace said...

Hell I've got some catching up to do already!

Neal Croudace said...

Hell I've got some catching up to do already!

sebastosfig said...

Hi Scotty, I'm about to start a crieman war project in 10mm too, and I have a couple of questions:
- where did you find the flags
- which minis to use for the British officiers?