Wednesday, 29 May 2013

GNW Swedish Horse

I've managed to make some more progress on my Swedish forces for the Great Northern War. This time I have focused my attention on painting the available cavalry figures that I had. All of the figures are from Dixons GNW range.

First up is the Vastgota cavalry regiment at 3 squadrons strong. The flag for this unit is from Solway Craft and miniatures.

The next regiment I painted up was Smalands. These are also 3 squadrons strong. So far I only have a black and white drawing of the flag. I'll get it scanned in and try and paint it up for the unit.

The last regiment is the Southern  Skane, these are only at 2 squadrons as that is all the figures that I had left. Like the Smalands regiment I will need to paint up a flag for these.

On the painting table I have a 18 strong dragoon regiment, 3 infantry battalions and an artillery battery to complete. After these there are another 2 dragoon regiments of 9 figures and 4 more infantry battalions. After these I will have to source some suitable figures for Generals as generic WSS figures do not have the Swedish style coats which are more in common with the Seven Years war.

I've also received my prize from Seb at Back to the Minis, this has already been added to my reading pile along with the Dux Bellorum rules. Can see some Dark age and Renaissance gaming on the horizon.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Well done on the figures and congrats on the prize!


Francis Lee said...

Nice work Scotty, I also just received my prize from Seb too.

Phil said...

Nice looking minis Scotty...and congrats for the prize!