Sunday, 19 May 2013

FPW Battle Report (ficticious)

On Saturday I was lucky enough to go up to Mick's for a large FPW battle. I even had the dubious honour of running and organising the game. So for a scenario I had to come up with a way of limiting the Prussian artillery as once it was set up, its devastating fire power would blast the french position to pieces. So I used the weather.

The French III corps was escorting badly needed supplied to the main French field army. So far it had been running a 2 day battle with lead elements of the Prussian XI corps before 3 days of heavy rain bogged both armies down. The scene was set. Dave had command of the French, his only stipulation was the positioning of III corps on the southern short edge of the table and waggons on the road. Due to the rain, no troops gained any bonuses for being on the road, they had been reduced to quagmires. Cross country, artillery and waggons were reduced to half moves due to the saturated ground. The waggons also had to dice each turn off road in case they became bogged down.

The rules were simple, the French had to get the waggons through to the road to army HQ, while the Prussians had to stop them. The Prussians were commanded by Neal, while Mick took on the South German troops, Bavarians and Wurtemburgers. The opening moves saw the Bavarians and Wurtemburgers arrive on the northern edge of the table, orders to drive south and trap the French. The Prussian XI corps advanced onto III corps with XII corps supporting its right flank.

To counter the Prussian advance the French I and V corps advanced through the woods onto the table. V corps were ordered to link up with III corps while I corps would check the advance of the South German troops.

The next couple of the moves saw the 2 armies move into position, with much Prussian grumbling over the soft ground slowing up the artillery. Eventually XI corps got into position and launch the first of many brutal attacks into the French III corps. Castigny's division bore the brunt but gamely held on to their position. The small town acting as a breakwater to the Prussian assaults.

Over in the north the Wurtemburgers and Bavarians were slowly getting into position when the French I corps advanced into view. Mick the decided to send the Wurtemburger division on a hook around to try and lad against the left flack, using a wood to cover their advance.

In the centre the lead elements of the Prussian XII and French V corps crashed into each other. Initially the French held a slight advantage, but Neal reformed his columns for a second attack which steamrollered over the lead French division. Dave then Had to commit his 2 reserve divisions to check the Prussian assault.

Over on the French right flank, III corps were evicted from the town, Dave then committed the French cavalry reserve into the action. It was a glorious charge, on they thundered. The Prussians opened fire, none rode back. With the loss of the town and cavalry, even Castigny's division had to give ground. In the centre, the Prussian XII corps continued its assault and now it had artillery support. Much to the relief of the Prussian commanders, with their artillery now in position, they began to pound the French lines. On the French left the Wurtemburgers arrived on the flank, forcing I corps to refuse its flank, while to its front, the Bavarian 1st and 3rd divisions began to advance. With pressure telling all across the line and time running out we called it a day. All agreed on a Prussian victory as the French waggons had failed to get through, while the wait of Prussian artillery began to inflict heavy casualties on some already battered french troops.

All in all a very enjoyable game. My initial fear that the wet ground was proving to much of an obstacle for the Prussian became unfounded. Hopefully Dave will also post some of his pictures up on his blog.


Dave Huntley (sheepman) said...

Good game, Good game!
Very enjoyable. Ben gardening so I'll get my report on later.

Phil said...

Nice, very nice report Scotty, love the diversity of troops and the wagoons too!

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Phil. Dave look forward to seeing your photos

Rodger said...

Great report there Scotty! Sounds like a wonderful game!

3rd95th said...

It would be interesting to know how many figures we were pushing around on the table. It was a hell of a game and there were a boatload of French (-2) opposite my Prussians, so including the South Germans and the French (-2) left, there must have been in the order of 2000 figures!

Neil Scott said...

Looking at the size of units about 1500 infantry, 60 cavalry and lots of guns for the prussians. The French about 1000 infantry, 100 cavalry amd supporting guns

Sean said...

Interesting looking game and boards. Am I seeing things or are the hexagons slightly raised? It almost looks like a bead of caulk or glue has been used to lat down a grid.

Neil Scott said...

The hexes are slightly raised as a lot of the games at micks use hexes for movement