Saturday, 6 April 2013

Raid at Moose tavern

On Thursday night at the club I managed to run another game of Muskets and Tomahawks. The forces ended up larger than I would have wanted due to the addition of 2 extra players. It was also the first time I was using hidden markers, visually not as appealing but that was probably more to the small table and too many units.

The game centred around a French attack on Moose tavern and the surrounding settlement with orders to burn each building. The British were arriving in support of the militia defenders and to beat off the French.

French Force
2 French officers
1 Irregular Officer
2 units of 10 Regulars
1 unit of 8 Canadian Militias
2 units of 8 Companie Franches de la marine
1 unit of 6 Courer de bois
3 units of 6 Hurons

Settlement defenders (British)
2 units of 6 Militia

British relief force
1 Regular officer
1 Provincial officer
2 units 8 Regulars
1 unit of 8 Provincials
1 unit of 8 Rangers
2 units of Mohawks (6 and 5 figures)

The game opened with the French irregulars and Hurons advancing through the woods with the regulars keeping to the dust tracks to aid their movement. The British meanwhile advanced the regulars and provincials into the settlement to support the militia while their Mohawks allies and rangers went looking for the french.

The first engagement came between the rangers and some Hurons, after a brisk exchange of fire the Huron unit was destroyed for the loss of 2 rangers. Meanwhile the Provincials decided to cross the stream via the bridge. Due to an unfortunate sequence of cards, a unit of french regulars were able to advance up, form a firing line before giving them a volley which downed 5 of the provincials and put them to flight. The Mohawks then tried to engage the french regulars but were surprised by a unit of Courers de bois and Canadian militia. Caught in a heavy crossfire, both units were routed.

At Moose tavern the British regulars then got to grip with more marines and Hurons. The rangers came up to support and gave a devastating volley to a unit of marines which saw them routed. The regulars then opened up and destroyed a unit of Hurons, but not before the had torched one of the buildings.

As casulatied began to mount on both sides a second building went up in flames. With no British troops across the stream a third building had been left isolated. The French regulars managed to get moving again bringing them up into range of the British regulars. The french got the better of the exchange. With time running out we called it a day. Most of the British units were either destroyed or heavily damanged, whereas the French still had 4 strong units to attack across the stream and relieve the last of their marines and Huron allies. The game was Victory for the French.

I did have a few learning points with this game. The main one being too many units on a table only 6ft by 4ft. The game got too cluttered and very confusing for both the umpire and players. Also I would restrict hidden movement to only one side unless the scenariio requires it as it just didn't feel or look right. I also need to take more photos, but as the action got fast and furious I got too wrapped up working out the carnage. Still the players enjoyed and that is the main thing.


Francis Lee said...

An enjoyable read Scotty.

Rodger said...

Great report Scotty! Always hard to get the photos when you are running around doing everything as well!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

A very enjoyable report and like the new look on your blog.


Phil said...

Nice report!

scotty said...

Thanks for the comments