Tuesday, 2 April 2013

FPW French and others

I've been painting a bit of a mixed bag of figures at the moment. First up is the second regiment for my FPW division, the 29th Line. The figures are once again all from Outpost. I did paint up the artillery piece as well but forgot to take a picture of it.

Next up is a unit that has stared at me across the painting table for nearly a year. They are the last of my unpainted ACW infantry, I'll need some more to finish off the remaining brigades. Think this project will get pushed to the end of the year. I painted these up as Kemper's Brigade from Pickett's division. The figures are all from Warrior except a couple of the command figures from Peter Pig. The flag is from an old set of Revo flags that I have had sitting in a box for years.

Kemper's Brigade
Kemper's Brigade
Next up is a move away from historical to fantasy. I painted up this Aragorn figure from Games Workshop to use as a Ranger NPC in my fantasy role play game, I still need to finish off the base. I already have a couple of the other versions painted up as Aragorn.

Lastly in preparation of a club game on Thursday night with my nephews I set up a FIW game. Still got to think of a suitable title for this one. The pictures below give an idea of the layout. It will be difficult to get regulars moving so I may dispense with them and stick with Rangers, Indians and militia for both sides.
View from the South
Settlement from the West
Settlement from the East
View from the North East
I'll try and remember to take some pictures of the actual game and write up a rough battle report.


Rodger said...

Some great painting there Scotty. The game looks very cool too!

Sean said...

Nice figures and the table looks great.

Phil said...

Really nice Scotty! Your French guys for the FPW are great, and the Ranger awesome!

scotty said...

Cheers guys