Saturday, 23 March 2013

WSS progress part IV

After spending a bit of time putting together the last of the horse and command figures, i thought it was about time I did some more work on the infantry. I managed to paint up 2 more battalions, bringing the total up to 14 battalions, leaving only 4 more to do. Both these battalions are from Mini figs, slightly larger figures than Dixon or Warrior, but fine in their own units. Must say I was a little disappointed in these compared to the Mounted officers I had. They were listed as British infantry and came in a marching pose. There was quite a bit of flash that had to be removed and not just a simple scrape of a scalpel. The command figure I like, especially the officer but the marching pose of the infantry left me a little cold. Still they painted up okay. but I don't think I will use any more of this particular pose and will probably use Dixon's to finish the rest of the infantry.

Next up some photos of the 2 battalions, Dalrymple's Cameronians and Godfrey's. The flags are as usual by Warflag and the bases from Warbase.

After spending most of this year painting red, I've decided a little change is in order. With a game at Mick's coming up in May for the Franco Prussian War, I thought I'd make a start on a 3rd Infantry Division for my French. And with me being the one who is organising the scenario I know they will get used, always useful to a little focus on getting things done. I also have a couple of 28mm figures to do, the rest of my SWAT figures and an Elven Ranger for my daughter.


Phil said...

Really nice! Great work on the red!

Sean said...

Nice looking units. Just be careful you don't get sick of painting Prussian blue as well.

Ray Rousell said...

Nice work Scotty!