Wednesday, 12 December 2012

End of year review

It's that time of year again where I review my progress for 2012. I had 5 main project aims and my progress is detailed below.

28mm Ancient Greeks – I did start on these, about 30% complete. 2 units of hoplites and a unit of peltast were done. Not good for a project that has been on the go for about 4 years. Must do better.

28mm ECW - I wanted to fill out my cavalry forces as some of the units appeared under strength. There was also another regiment of foot to paint. Sadly, zero marks as I didn't add anything to the project. I did though use the figures in some Pike and Shotte games.

ACW - I wanted to paint up the last of my 15mm ACW figures for Gettysburg, namely Pickett’s Division and the rest of the Union I Corps. Again poor marks, I only completed one extra brigade. Becoming a bit of a recurring theme this.

15mm FPW – I needed to finish my Wurttemburgers and then start on a second Division. A well done as I managed this and more, completing a Bavarian division as well as a French infantry corps and Cavalry division. A*

Dystopian Wars – Finish of my FSA fleet and likely start another, either Prussian or Britannia. Well I finished the FSA fleet but lost interest in the game. These will probably be sold to fund further projects.

So what did I do, well there was some dark age Irish for SAGA, a 4 point warband. I also had a dabble in some 10mm AWI from pendraken, there were some 15mm Macedonian and Greeks. I also undertook the mammoth task of re basing my WSS collection. My main interest later in the year was the French Indian War, I got really into this project and its nearly 90% complete.

On the gaming front I got involved in a re fight of the battle of Paltzig from the SYW, a very enjoyable game.

So what is the aim for 2013.

28mm Greeks – I'm determined to get these done and get to game with them.

28 FIW – I want to finish this project, adding some civilians and provincials.

15mm FPW – I want to add at least one more French infantry division and expand the Bavarians to corps strength.

15mm ACW – With only a handful of figures to do I should get these finished

15mm WSS – I've got some French to complete as I want to finish off the forces for the Battle of Friedlingen.

No doubt I'll get sidetracked as I already have a slight hankering after some Austrian Napoleonic, go figure. Not a period I know a great deal about. The Napoleonic fashion police have always scared me away.

Well that's the review done, Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year, may the dice Gods always bring good fortune (though not if your playing against me).


Ian said...

Given the habit we all have of going off a tangent, not too bad.

Hope you get what yu want donenext year and have a great Christmas


peter said...

Very nice review! And I hope you will reach all the targets you have mentioned for 2013!