Saturday, 8 September 2012

Battle of Miller's Crossing

This is a fictitious battle report of an ACW game I fought against my nephew a couple of weeks ago. Both  sides were converging on the aforementioned Miller's Crossing. The Union forces commanded by Liam consisted of III Corps, 2 divisions from I Corps and Bufords' cavalry division. The Rebs commanded by me, consisted of Hood's and McLaw's division from I Corps and Stuarts' Cavalry division.

The game opened with the rebs advancing quickly towards the enemy, Liam then positioned the bulk of his artillery on a hill overlooking the town to fire into my exposed flanks. The 2 cavalry divisions clashed early on with neither side gaining much of an advantage, both losing 1 of their 2 brigades.

The Union infantry managed to get into a walled enclosure and despite repeated attacks from McLaws' division managed to hold on to the position. On the Union right things did not go well. Despite the support of artillery they only managed to hold the initial assault, before Hood's division re organised and steam rolled across them.

With time running out the rebs tried one more assault on the walled enclosure, but once again the union infantry recovered from the initial assault to hold their ground. Overall an enjoyable game, my nephew is improving in his generalship skills, recognising the benefits of support and defensive positions.

Rebel advance
Rebs reach the enclosure first
Stuarts' dismounted troops watch the union advance
Battle for the enclosure
Hood's assault on the union right
Hood breaks through
Union left check the reb assault


The Angry Lurker said...

Damn good batrep Scotty, very enjoyable sir.

Sean said...

Nice looking terrain and figures. It's good to have a new general coming up through the ranks.

Ray Rousell said...

Very nice pics and a great little report too!

David Cooke said...

Nice report and pictures Scotty. What rules?

Phil said...

Very nice report, I love your terrain!

scotty said...

Cheers Guys. David the rules we used were the original brigade level fire and fury