Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Work bench

Just a quick update on painting progress. On the Greeks, I've completed another 12 hoplites, bringing the total up to 32. I must say on these I prefer the water slide transfer to the LBM, much easier to apply. I'll post pictures of the hoplites once I get the bases finished.

I have also decided upon re basing my entire WSS collection. The original card bases that I had used were fine, but were slightly too large for Mike's rules and Mick's hexes. I've decided to use the MDF bases by Warbase, much more uniform than my card bases. This will be a mammoth task 76 squadrons of horse need to be done, 18 artillery pieces and 56 battalions of infantry as well as accompanying mounted Brigadiers. I've made a start, 22 squadrons currently ripped off the card and put on their nice new MDF bases. I've just got a little static grass to add and they will be done. I'll post pictures of each completed contingent when they are done.

On a gaming front, I went to the club and ran a quick game of Rogue Trader for my nephews and a couple of others who joined on the spur of the moment. The game revolved between 3 forces trying to locate the Cube of Chaos and retrieve it before the others. A fourth force of locals were against everyone. The kids seemed to enjoy it which was the main thing. Must admit I prefer the original Rogue trader, great for small scale games with a bit of a story instead of games where the side with the biggest guns win  (or can spend the most money on the latest must have item). A few pictures of the game for you to enjoy.

Layout of Old New New York
Renegades open fire from the building
Local law enforcement discover the cube
This unfortunate ganger met a grisly end
The cube begins to move as an Inquisitor approaches
More gangers arrive to support their colleagues


Dave Huntley (sheepman) said...

Re-basing, good luck there mate. As you know, I'm onto re-basing the French for the FPW, bloody chew on!

peter said...

How big are the bases you're going to use? And how thick are they?
Good luck with the re-basing!


scotty said...

Peter the bases for the infantry are 30mm x, 15mm the cavalry 30mm x 25mm. The bases re 2mm thick

peter said...

Thanks Scotty! I have cut some MDF bases now, just for showcase, for the figures I don't use in diorama's or vignettes. The size of them are: 60 x 30 mm and 4 mm thick. It's for 1/72 figures.