Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Over the Hill

It's been a while, well over a week since I last posted, just didn't have the energy to get anything posted. This is not to say I have done nothing, far from it. I had a second ECW game against my nephews contesting a river, turned into a hard fought draw. The Royalist horse were routed but the infantry stubbornly held onto the brides.

Royalist foot hold the farm
Parliamentarian foot begin their assault
Royalist foot hold of the Scots

Next up I had a game at a guest at the Border Reiver club near Stannington. Dave put on a French Revolutionary game with his lovely figures using General de Brigade rules. Never played these rules before or no much about the period so was perfect to take command of a large force of raw Frenchmen. To say it ended in a shambles is an understatement. My infantry assaults were continually repulsed and the french cavalry was put to flight against their Austrian counterparts. Still an enjoyable game against some friendly chaps.

French infantry storm through the vineyard
Austrian Grenzer hold off repeated attacks
Austrian Hussars on the rampage
Not quite wargame related, I have had to spend a considerable amount of energy keeping my daughter entertained. This include a nice trip up to Warkworth and a look around the castle. Warkworth was built around 1380 for the first earl of Northumberland. That is one of the beauties of living up north, we have castles, roman walls, manor houses, Pele towers etc all over the place and usually right on the doorstep.

View from the Gatehouse of the keep and Lions tower to the left.
Gray Mare's Tail Tower and outer wall

And finally I had the celebrations for my 40th birthday (boy do I feel old now). Though on the bright side, I did get a new Blackberry Playbook and some Athenian Hoplites from Victrix. Bit of a clue to my current painting commitments with pictures to follow in the next couple of days.


Sean said...

Happy Birthday. My last day as summer entertainer. The kids start back to school tomorrow.

The Angry Lurker said...

Happy 40th my friend, good to get some gaming in!

David Cooke said...

Happy Birthday you old thing! Thanks for the batreps. Hope you get another go at Naps it is a fun era to game.
Nice castle shots too btw.

Rodger said...

Happy Birthday Scotty. You are still young in my books! Great photos too.

scotty said...

Cheers guys, now back to painting Greeks

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Happy birthday and nice looking game!


Bluewillow said...

Happy Birthday mate!

more pics of the castle if you please!!!!


peter said...

A bit late but "Happy Birthday"!

And that's a very nice castle on those pictures!