Sunday, 26 August 2012

Re basing progress II

An update on the re basing of my War of the Spanish Succession armies. Finally got the bases completed on a second batch, a mixture of some Imperialist horse and foot.

Next up I've made quite a start on the Saxons, so much so that I have run out of bases. More money will be on its way to Warbase. For the Saxons I managed to get all 23 battalions transferred to MDF bases, they are in various stages of have sand and static grass added. I have also transferred 24 Squadrons of horse and 7 artillery batteries. There were also the final 7 squadrons of my Imperial horse done as well.

The still to start list is not so intimidating now. For the Imperialists I need bases for 9 battalions, The Saxons it is 12 squadrons of horse and 6 artillery batteries. After that I will need to make a start on the Savoyard's, 12 battalions, 16 squadrons and 3 artillery batteries.

All of this re basing has got me thinking of finishing a small project on the Battle of Friedlingen. I should have enough figures left over to complete the Imperialists. I need to start on the French, about 8 regiments of Horse and Dragoons supported by 14 infantry battalions.


Caliban said...

Good luck with your re-basing too, Scotty!


scotty said...

Cheers Paul, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel

Sean said...

Well done. Figures and bases look great. I would never have guessed they weren't always on those.

scotty said...

Cheers Sean, the job was made easier as I am using the same basing material