Sunday, 17 July 2011

Where next?

After doing the re-fight of Gettysburg I've been spending some time pondering on where I take this project next. For the Confederates I completed II Corps and have completed Hoods Division and 3/4 of McLaws' Division from I Corps. With a small Division of cavalry under Stewart this gives approx 24 brigades a fair size for club games. For the Union I have both III and V Corps support by Buford's cavalry Division giving me 16 brigades. The union is rather heavily out gunned. So to balance things out I've decided to complete the Union II Corps under Hancock, or at least a couple of the Divisions.First up will be Caldwell's Division as I got enough left over infantry figures to complete the 2 small brigades of Zook and Brooke. I'll post some pictures when they are finished and if the camera decides to work.

After this I'll need to make a decision. I'll either push on and try to complete both sides, a rather mammoth task or I can switch to some 28mm. I've got 2 boxes of the plastic Perry miniatures and 1 artillery piece. I may paint these up for use with Black Powder, got the rules but never done anything with it. So far the 28mm's are looking favourites.

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Rodger said...

I am now mainly into 28's. Easier to see! My vote- go for the 28's.