Monday, 4 July 2011

Re organising

Following the re fight of Gettysburg, I've decided to re organise the troops that I had painted up for the Western theatre into suitable units for Gettysburg. For the union I have managed to just about put together V Corps under Sykes. All that I need to add is 1 Corps Leader stand, 2 artillery stands and 1 brigade at 7 stands. Once these are done and I combine forces with Jon, between us we will have the following Corps, III, V, XI & XII and Bufords' Cavalry Division. That would only leave I, II and VI Corps to complete the union troops. That's more than half completed.

For the Confederates I am trying to put together Longstreet's Corps, namely the Divisions of Hood and McLaws who fought on day 2. So far all the troops are done for Hood and only 2 brigades to paint for Mclaws along with the supporting artillery. That is not an insurmountable task. Best get the paints out again.

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