Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Progress update

Finally got around to taking some photos of the various figures that I've painted this last week.

First up my haradrim warriors. These will probably get used during the Clubs many role-playing campaign.

Following some advice in the comments, been practicing more with the camera. New haradrim photo added, looks much better but still needs some work

Next up is some of the command figures for my Rohirrim, Theoden, Gamling , Hama and 2 versions of Eowyn.

Lastly my pulp figures, Trevelyan Willoughby-Smythe, Lady Henrietta De la Pole and the old sea dog Captain McCabe, a dour Scotsman.


Anonymous said...

Scotty, your going to have to take some better pics my man.

Ideally get a cheap try-pod, which don't cost much these days and don't get too close to the figs and let the zoom do the work.

Good to see your getting a lot of figs painted.

scotty said...

I know, having real problems with my camera at the moment

Rodger said...

They look like very nice paint jobs Sctty. Good luck with getting the camera sorted.