Sunday, 19 June 2011

DBA armies

Many years ago at the Newbiggin club I got into DBA. For a youngster they seemed the perfect introduction to Ancients. You didn't need many figures and could try out numerous armies until you found one(s) that suited your playing style. While having s bit of a clear out I came across these 2 armies. With a bit of tender care I've touched up the paint work and refreshed the bases. When I look back at them I realised how my painting style has changed over the last 20+ years.

First up are my Bactrian Greek army, combines the best of Macedon with the Indian longbow. Somehow never had much success with this army. Majority of the figures are Essex, not sure on the Indians.

Next is my Republican Roman force, can't quite remember if these were Camillan or Polybian. They are all Museum Miniatures.

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