Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sci fi

And now a total change in direction. Just fancied putting together a small near future skirmish game, utilising figures that are already in my collection. Not sure what rules I'll be using, but preferably fast play. I want to fight the battles across plenty of terrain, buildings, ruins and factories etc.

First up a ruined building, utilising some old GW WH40K and LOTR sprues. I've got enough for one smaller building that just needs finishing off. Would love to get some more of these. Will just have to see what EBay has to offer.

Next up some troopers from EM4 miniatures. These are very nice figures and I've got enough for a section. I will supplement these with some old GW Space pirates that I got back in the 80's. They are not a bad match and will post some pictures when they are painted up. The robot is from I-Kore's Syntha range, I believe it was the 'pointman'. It'll serve as a heavy support to the team.

Next up is a plastic toy Mech. This will provide heavy weapon support to the team. Ideal for taking out enemy armour or buildings.

Now for opponents I've got a couple of ideas. the first is to use some old GW genestealers I've got from the original Space Hulk game. I've been trying out a grey and purple colour scheme and they don't look to bad. The other option is to use terminator robots. As for figures I could use the current GW Necrons, but must admit I prefer their original metal figures. This will be a decision for another day.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice terrain piece Scotty.