Sunday, 15 May 2011

Parliamentarian Officers

First up a couple of photos of my C-in-C base for the Parliamentarians. It will be used to represent the Elder Ferdinado Fairfax. The mounted figure is from 1st Corps, the Saxe-Weimar model. The ensign is from Warlord Miniatures metal command pack

Next up a cavalry brigadier, again a 1st Corps figure. this time to represent the younger of the Fairfax's, Thomas.

Lastly a small detachment of fire locks to protect the artillery. These are plastics from Warlord, though one is a converted pike man to add some variety.

With these models done, I've now got enough painted figures to put both forces into the field. Though neither are finished with a couple of regiments still to be done. This Thursday at the club they will get their first run out using the 'Victort without Quarter' rules. Looking forward to it.

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