Sunday, 27 February 2011

ECW Update

No pictures this time, but so far I've managed to complete my second white coated regiment, that of Bard's. That leaves only 3 regiments of foot to paint, but these shall the start of Parliamentarian force. I've also done a second troop of warlord cavalry to add to that already done to give a small regiment of horse. I also had some rather poor looking figures from an unknown manufacturer picked up as part of an EBay bundle. Not the best but they've painted up okay. Now being a staunch royalist these figures will be the first troop for my Parliamentarians.

I've also put together 2 artillery pieces, one is an old piece I picked up from Essex about 20 years ago (saw service in an old fantasy human army) and a nice looking mortar from Redoubt.

When the full forces are put together I should have the following:
4 Regiments of Foot
4 Regiments of Horse (total of 8 troops)
1 Piece of artillery
1 stand of artillery guards

3 Regiments of foot
5 Regiments of Horse (total 8 troops)
1 troop of Dragoons
1 Piece of artillery
1 stand of artillery guards

2 smallish forces but ideal for the scale of battles I want to be conducting.

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