Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Terror of the Lichemaster

After reading the Jervis Johnson article in the latest White Dwarf It brought back fond memories of the Terror of the Lichemaster scenario pack and the follow up Revenge of the Lichemaster in a Citadel Journal. Although both items are no longer in my collection I still have part of the monastry hidden in my loft. It got me thinking about putting together some forces for a re fight. It also helps that Mantic Miniatures have produced some lovely figures recently especially their undead figures and so a first purchase was made for some of the Revenants, to act as an elite unit. I also dug around in my old collection and manged to scrape together a few useful figures from Citadel, namely their original Skeleton horde plastic figures.

First up the original Mouth of Sauron produced by citadel miniatures. Luckily I still had both the foot and mounted figures. They look suitable as Liche. (much prefer these to the newer version from GW LOTR figures)

Next up I've managed to paint up 8 of the Mantic Revenants, must say these are lovely figures and well worth the price. I've settle on a dirty red,wanting them to look as uniformed as possible to represent an elite unit.

Lastly the remnants of 2 versions of the GW plastic skeletons. The first unit I've managed to paint the bones the same as the Revenants, I've also got another 4 on the painting table with a metal GW Grave guard champion to finish the unit. The second unit were painted many years ago and I feel rather nostalgic about them and cannot bring myself to re paint them (did manage to re do the bases)

Next up I've ordered a skeleton regiment from Mantic to boost my undead forces, will possibly add some zombies and ghouls.

From the Revenge of the Lichemaster I'm going to replace the Skaven with Beastmen, just because I've got a whole load sitting in a box looking for an excuse to be painted and in these times of austerity don't want to be seen frivolously buying more figures be she who must be obeyed.

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