Sunday, 29 August 2010

Hay's Brigade - Louisiana Tigers

The last Brigade for Early's Division is that of Hays, or as it was more commonly known, The Louisiana Tigers. The Tigers started as a common nickname for certain infantry troops from the state of Louisiana. Originally applied to a specific company, the nickname expanded to a battalion, then to a brigade, and eventually to all Louisiana troops within the Army of Northern Virginia. Although the exact composition of the Louisiana Tigers changed as the war progressed, they developed a reputation as fearless, hard-fighting shock troops.

I'm looking forward to this as I can paint up a couple of stands of the Zouaves, adds a bit of colour. Whether any of the units were still in Zouave uniforms or had adapted the Grey colours is open to debate. The unit strength is only 6 stands.

I've also started on the 2 artillery pieces that I need to finish off my first division.

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