Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Vikings!! pt2

The start of my viking force for Border Reiver, They aren't based yet as I will transfer them to Renedra bases and do all the basing when all the figures are finished.
First a mix of GB plastics, 1 artizan and 1 Foundry figure. The flag is taken off the Foundry site.

These 4 are mainly foundry figs with 1 Artizan, they all seem to mix well. The flag again is from the Foundry site, but this time I have painted over the colours (looks better.

These 5 are a mix of GB plastic, Foundry and Artizan, they all size up well together.

That makes 14 painted so far out ofthe 60, not bad going for a weeks work. I have 6 more metal figures undercoated and the remaining 40 GB plastics still to build.

For the initial defenders of the village I have a Saxon lord with his 5 sons in armour, supported by about 10 warriors and another half dozen armed peasants. Jon will be putting together the relief force which should give the Saxons another 40 or so warriors.
My order from Gripping beast which brings the livestock up to 4 cattle and 10 pigs as well as 8 peasants.

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