Sunday, 14 February 2010

Quick update

Just a quick note, continued painting on the VBCW front. The collection now consists of 24 Regulars, 36 militia, 6 Police constables and 9 militia cavalry for my royalist faction. For opponents I am concentrating on the Anglican League under the Bishop of Newcastle, force is currently 19 milita (mix of northstar international brigade and Empress Assaultos) in their colourful blue and grey uniforms backed up by an armoured car i picked up from Wargames command post.

Now got to switch attention to Marlburians as I have a big game at Micks this weekend, will post some pics of the event. Current plans are to fight 2 battles of 300pts on Saturday and a 400pt battle on the Sunday. I've got 3 battalions and a medium battery to paint.

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