Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Year, new projects

Well I've been busy these last couple of days. On the painting front I managed to finish the 3 battalions for the Franconian Helmstaett regiment, as well as the Schwarzenburg-Reuss battalion and the Onoldsbach Grenadiers from Ansbach. I have also added a battery of 3 medium guns.

In a break from the Marlburian period I painted up 7 ships to use in Firestorm Armada when the rules eventually arrive in the new year.

For future projects I have a couple of aims, I want to paint up a small ECW force, I got a box of the infantry with a mag subscription. I have also started to purchase some half timbered buildings for use in this period as well as latter as I also quite like the idea of the 'A very British Civil War'. I have already started to put together a force for this. Using some 1st WW Brits from Renegade I have approx 32 figures and 3 HMG's. I have also downloaded some rules off the Empress miniatures site and this force is sufficient for a battalion (The Duke of Portland's Rifles).

I have started to paint some of these Brits using a base coat and dip method, they came out okay apart from flesh areas so added a flesh wash and some minor highlights, I'll post pics once I have them based. I have also converted 4 Boer figures as the start of my Revolutionary elements, some slight conversion work and i have 2 figures with new berets and 2 with head swaps using GW Catachan heads (red bandanna). They don't look to bad and should be fine following painting.

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