Friday, 25 September 2009


I've just added some pics of the current game at the club. It is an encounter scenario with French vs Imperialist. The French need to cross the river before the Imperials can stop them. After two days of gaming it looks like the Imperialists have recovered well after their cavalry on the right wing was heavily mauled by the French.

scenery base of trees I menioned in the last post

French infantry and artillery advance

French cavalry approach

Imperial defenders hold up the French advance

French troops mass to cross the river

Imperial artillery covers the river

This battle should conclude at next weeks club night, Their is now significant pressure on the Imperialist right wing after French cavalry uncovered a ford. The Imperial centre also is looking slightly vulnerable as French artillery has eventually been brought forward ably supported by massed infantry.

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Jon Whitehouse said...

Some more cav arrived yesterday. Some i may have 5 more cav regts if needed for next week. think its about time i order some dragoons.