Monday, 10 August 2009

Gaming weekend return Part 2

As promised some pics of the Marlburian game that me and Mick fought using Mike's rules. These played very well and were quick and easy to pick up.

Saxon cavalry advance supported by the Garde du Corps

Saxon infantry advance upon the Bavarians

Saxon Guards capture the Bavarian artillery
The Saxon left wing cavalry hunt down their Bavarian counterparts
Bavarian infantry prepare to advance
This game was a well fought and very enjoyable encounter against a very good opponent, played in the right spirit. The highlight for me was when the Saxon Guards charged up a hill to capture the Bavarian artillery, only to be repulsed before retaking them. The low light has to be a Battalion of the Polish Guards which after bursting through the Bavarian infantry line was promptly hit in the flank by some grateful Bavarian Cuirassiers who seemed to enjoy themselves greatly in cutting them down.
Overall a very good game, even after Mick suffered early on he fought an excellent reaguard action to allow his infantry to retire. My Saxons were unable to pursue as most of the units had been fought to a standstill.

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