Thursday, 30 July 2015

Franco Prussian War progress

I have been preparing the map for the Battle of Froschwiller to fit hexes. We will be doing the re-fight as a what if scenario. MacMahon had originally planned for the battle to take place on the 8th August 1870 but kicked off a day early when the Bavarian II Corps brought on a full engagement after skirmishing with the French I Corps. What this will allow though is much ,ore troops on the board.

The French will be able to field 3 full Corps,  historically I, V and VII. We will have to use I,II and III as that is the figures we have. this gives us 10 infantry divisions and 3 cavalry divisions. We will also have the use of the Imperial Guard in reserve, another 2 infantry and a cavalry division.

For the Prussians we will be able to field the Bavarian I and II corps, Prussian V and XI Corps and XIV made up of Wurtemburg and Baden troops. However we will be substituting one of the Prussian Corps for a Saxon Corps as Mick has painted them up ready for their first action. Also the Baden division for XIV will have to be replaced with a Prussian infantry and cavalry division. That will give us 10 infantry divisions and 3 cavalry divisions.

So onto my progress, 2 more infantry regiments and some Chasseurs for the 2nd division of Bavarian I Corps. Both of these regiments are at full strength of 3 battalions. With the Chasseurs their are 2 regiments which I have brigaded together to a 4 stand unit.

I have sent off another order to Outpost for the additional infantry I require for the last regiment and the 2 Jager regiments that I need. I will also need to add 3 artillery pieces for the Corps as well as a Prussian piece for my cavalry division. Now just need to paint up those pesky Prussian hussars.

I have also updated the pictures on my FPW page for the French III Corps


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Really nice looking army!


Rodger said...

Very impressive Scotty!

Phil said...

Impressive job Neil!