Monday, 1 September 2014

The thing with bases

Following on from re-basing Darren's Napoleonic French, I have then gone on to redo his British, a Russian Brigade and another small unit of French Chasseurs. All of these refurbished units can now be used in our club games, a change from sitting on the shelf for another good few years.

French Chasseurs a cheval
Russian infantry brigade
While doing all of this re-basing, I made the cardinal sin and lost track of my stock of MDF bases. Firstly I did notice that I was running short of infantry bases so sent off an order to Warbase. However I forgot about suitable bases for the cavalry. I did not realise my error until I had finished painting a detachment of the 14th Polish cavalry regiment. These guys have had to remain on their lollipop sticks along with a detachment of the 2nd Dutch Cuirassier regiment until a second order to Warbase arrives.

Polish Cuirassiers awaiting bases.
On a brighter note, one of the lads at the club mentioned that he had some unpainted Polish figures for the Napoleonic period, some cavalry, artillery and approximately a brigade of infantry. Suffice to say a deal has been struck. The only downside for me is the horses for the cavalry cannot be any larger than a pit pony. So I think I'll get in touch with the helpful chap at Warrior miniatures to see if I can order just under 40 horses to get these regiments onto the table.

So what's next on the painting table, well more Napoleonics. I've got two regiments of Austrian Hussars to complete as well as a detachment of Westphalian Cuirassiers and some Polish artillery.


  1. I have a 9 litre Really Useful Box full of MDF of various sizes.

    I still am always running out of a particular size I need.

  2. Very nice Scotty! I have started rebasing my 15mm ACW troops. Not enjoying it!!!