Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Painting update

As mentioned in a previous post, I obtained some Polish Napoleonic figures from one of our club members. After sorting through the figures I made a quick order to Essex to bulk out the command figures, elite companies and Generals. This gave me enough figures to make up 4 battalions. There was also a selection of light artillery pieces as well as 3 regiments of horse. Unfortunately the horses were on the rather pit pony size, so i contacted the helpful chap at Warrior miniatures to put in an order for 36 horses which he duly dispatched in his timely fashion.

First up is the 2 infantry battalions I have painted so far. I went for the 10th infantry regiment and the blue winter trousers, thought they looked better. Apart from the new Essex figures i am unsure on the make of the line companies. The flag are my own homemade until I can source something better.

10th Infantry regiment
10th Infantry regiment
Next up is 3 artillery batteries as well as a mounted brigadier from Essex miniatures. The crew figures look to be the same make as the other infantry. The trousers are supposed to be black, but I went with a dark grey as black would have faded rather quickly in the field.

Polish light artillery
When I attended the local Border Reiver show earlier in the month, I picked up some French Napoleonic Generals from Blue Moon, cracking figures. Also with these and the pack I had from Essex gives me more than enough brigadiers, Divisional commanders and a C-in-C base. The first ones I have completed are a divisional commander base to lead the Westphalians and a brigadier to lead the start of my Dutch brigade (Got to get more dutch so instead of my poor Brunswickers having to masquerade as them)

So what's next on the painting table. So far I have a small unit of Westphalian cuirassiers nearing completion, another battalion of polish infantry then on to some Polish and Austrian hussars. I also have the figures for a C-in-C base already undercoated. Enough to keep me busy for a while.